Dirk Smit Drunen, Netherlands

As a little boy I was already fascinated by photography and bought my first 'hypermodern' Agfamatic (ritsch-ratsch-klick) camera. Later it was replaced by a Pentax PC313 in which a real film roll went in, hoping to be able to develop this one day in my own DOKA. In the course of the years a robust Canon Ixus II was replaced by an APS roll. The real work was done with a Minolta 5000 SLR camera that was used to make slides and photos ... Almost a real photographer. That was a long time ago.

I started again in 2017 and have been shooting with a Canon 80D ever since.

Yes, the digital age has begun!

The darkroom I dreamed of has undergone a metamorphosis in the form of a computer with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Enthusiastically I started again and completed (with a diploma) the basic education Photography at the School of Photography.

The result of new experiences and knowledge and a restart of my dreams can be admired on this website. I've waited a long time but am proud of the result.