Dick Jeukens Driebergen, Netherlands

Dick Jeukens (1946) has always had a great interest in photography, besides his work at the Porsche group of the National Police Traffic Department in Driebergen. In 1971 he bought his first (analogue) reflex camera. It was an era in which he gained a lot of knowledge. Also by developing and printing the pictures himself in his darkroom. Dick is an autodidact. For years now he has been active in a photo club where he can express himself photographically.

While working for the Dutch National Highway Police Force, Porsche Group, Dick Jeukens (1946) always has had an interest in photography. In 1971 he bought his first reflex camera (Praktica) and gained a lot of knowledge. Dick is self-taught and even had his own darkroom for printing and developing pictures. With the arrival of the digital camera, his fascination for photography further increased. Nowadays a lot of his free time is being spent either in the open field, taking pictures, or behind the computer, editing pictures.