Raindrops on a leaf

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Ellis Peeters about Raindrops on a leaf

A beautiful minimalist photo of a botanical leaf with drops of dew on it. The detailed dew drops on the botanical leaf give the photo a special and lively effect, making it a real eye-catcher in any room. This photo fits perfectly with a modern interior, but is also excellent to combine with a more classic interior. The subtle colour palette of green and pink with a black background creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your home, for example in the living room, bedroom or home office/office. The photo is printed on high-quality material and is available in different sizes, so you can tailor it to your personal preferences and available space. Order this beautiful photo with a botanical leaf with drops now and give your interior a stylish and unique look!
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This artworks is offered by Ellis Peeters

'To see the world is a lust for the eye. To meet people is a lust for the heart.'
My name is Ellis and I love to tell stories. Not with words, that's my husband's passion, but with photos.
Since June 2018 I'm traveling with my husband on a never-ending honeymoon. We're traveling around the world to help charities for free. Inbetween I am enjoying the different cultures, encounters and landscapes, that I capture with love and passion.

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Why you choose Raindrops on a leaf on canvas

  • Already our third artwork from Art Heroes. Even with ordering years apart, the quality remains the best!
  • Fine-art print quality
  • Tack sharp and colorfast prints
  • Mounted on sustainable, PEFC-approved wood

Raindrops on a leaf

Buy the photo Raindrops on a leaf on canvas, Art Frame, poster and wallpaper, printed on demand in high quality.

Art code: 622 134
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