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Good to know: Art Heroes only shows reviews posted by Art Heroes customers. The reviews are placed by customers on the review platform Kiyoh (or TrustedShops) and then posted on their website. Kiyoh (or TrustedShops) provides additional attention to whether the customer is actually a customer who bought the product.

Frequently asked questions about reviews

After a customer has ordered an artwork, we e-mail them with a link to Kiyoh or TrustedShops. Via these recognised review platforms, the customer can then leave a review. Kiyoh (or TrustedShops) is able to validate whether the customer is actually the customer who bought the product listed in the review. This way, we ensure that we only show reviews that have been posted by Art Heroes customers

We check the order date with the customer's review.

Reviews are ranked by date. At the top you will find the latest reviews

We check every review manually alongside the order. If a fake review is placed, we remove it immediately.

No, we only ask our customers for reviews. There is no compensation offered.

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