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Art Heroes is the platform for creatives. Anyone who photographs, paints or illustrates can offer their work to us. For every sale, the creator receives an artist commission. So, when an artwork is purchased, part of the purchase price goes directly to it’s artist! More than thousans of artists have already sold their artworks through our platform. On this page you can meet a couple of them!

Kim Rijntjes

"My work is figurative, powerful, and vulnerable."

Kim Rijntjes creates extraordinary works of art with needle and thread. Her works often show female figures, and take you into a world full of emotions. She uses black thread, different fabrics and various natural materials in her works.

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Atelier Paint-ing

Ingeborg Herckenrath, better known as Atelier Paint-Ing creates expressive and colourful paintings. What immediately stands out are the thick layers of paint that create depth in her works.

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Bas Meelker

Bas Meelker is a well-known Dutch landscape photographer from Groningen. Bas spent most of his life in the north of the Netherlands. In this landscape the foundations of his passion for landscape photography were laid out.

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Ricardo Bouman

Ricardo creates colourful watercolour paintings. His work ranges from colourful to mystical, from realism to expressionism, and from abstract to minimalism.

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Roman Robroek

"There is something magical about photographing abandoned buildings, it is a tremendous honour to take a look behind doors that are normally closed. A building with a rich history inspires me"

Roman Robroek is a photographer who photographs abandoned buildings all over the world. He is particularly focused on creating stunning photographs of abandoned locations, rich with wonder, mystery, and unanswered questions.

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Laura Vink

On her seventeenth birthday, Laura bought her first Camera. She has been photographing for more than half her life! Most of all, she loves photographing nature and landscapes as she travels the world.

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Michiel Folkers

In the late 1990s, Michiel started experimenting with graffiti. Not much later, he started experimenting with special techniques on canvas after walls. Now he creates beautiful works in a pop art style.

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db Waterman

Ans de Bie from Eindhoven makes colourful vintage style collages combined with watercolours. Her works are very layered. Not only literally, but figuratively as well.

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Jesper Krijgsman

"Ever since I started to immerse myself in the wonders of the natural world, I have grown as a person. My goal is to show people that nature can be extraordinarily powerful, and mysterious. A living thing made up of thousands of parts. "

Jesper Krijgsman fuses reality and fantasy with his photography, with his skills as an image editor and his unrelenting patience. His artworks are composed of a constellation of individual photographs that create a sense of natural beauty and magic.

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