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resuimages Profile picture The Thyssenkrupp Tower, also known as the TK Elevator Test Tower, is a remarkable landmark in Rottweil, Germany. The Thyssenkrupp Tower was built by Thyssenkrupp Elevator between 2014 and 2017. The ground-breaking ceremony took place in October 2014 and the outer walls of the tower were completed in August 2015 after a construction period of just seven months. They were constructed using the slipform method. This was followed by the installation of the concrete and steel ceilings by the end of 2015. Test operations began in the tower in December 2016. The thyssenkrupp tower is a 246 metre high lift test tower for express and high-speed lifts. At 232 metres, it offers the highest visitor platform in Germany and is the world's second-highest test tower for lift systems. With the underground floors, which are also used as a test environment for the lift shafts, the shaft has a total length of 275.5 metres. The tower has won numerous architecture, engineering and design awards and offers a number of unique features. For example, it is the first structure in the world that can be set in motion by an oscillating pendulum inside the tower shaft. In this way, real wind loads are simulated. The shaft is sheathed with a special glass fiber textile along a spiral tube, which defines the actual outer shape of the tower. This also makes the tower the tallest textile-clad building in the world. The region around the research and development tower benefits from one of the most striking buildings in southern Germany. Germany's highest public visitor platform at 232 meters provides a panoramic view, making it an attractive attraction for tourists in Baden-Württemberg. The Thyssenkrupp Tower in Rottweil is a fascinating piece of history, and engineering art and an important landmark for the town of Rottweil.

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Reiner Sutter aka resuimages has been an enthusiastic and ambitious hobby photographer for more than 35 years. He started with digital photography more than 20 years ago and developed his skills step by step. Today's photography offers him the opportunity to combine his knowledge as a computer expert with the photographer's expertise.
The images shown in the shop are a subjective selection from the rich resuimages database. The pictures with the most diverse motifs were taken in different countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, India, Georgia, Thailand, Romania, Italy, Laos, Czech Republic and others. For each picture you will find a description in German, English and French. Canon cameras were used for the pictures (EOS 450D, PowerShot G1X Mark II, EOS 5D, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III and EOS R5).

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