Underwater Dream

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I received an email from Patty if I wanted to do an underwater photo session with her in TODI. Patty is full-figured and she mentioned this in her email. My answer was short and sweet: I try to picture everyone as beautiful as possible. The session ended up lasting more than two hours because Patty had tremendous willpower to keep going. The more images I can take, the more likely it is that there will be excellent photos among them. Every afternoon, air bubbles are blown through the water for fifteen minutes to oxygenate the fish. Then the underwater world takes on something magical and it's a matter of taking as many pictures as possible. The bubble curtains make a perfect backdrop for the photos. This pose stood out because it exudes a certain vulnerability and at the same time strength.
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Welcome to my photography page. In 1992 I was infected with the diving virus. After a few years I wanted to share all the beautiful things I saw with others. I started taking pictures and soon making pictures became a true passion. In 2000 I started participating in photography competitions. By now I have won many prizes at home and abroad. My photographs are memories of fantastic and spectacular experiences, but also moments of patience and frustration. It has become a natural urge to surround myself in the most beautiful but sometimes the most inhospitable environment on earth. Looking for an enchanting world, a place where I can come to rest. One flash, one fraction of a second is all I need to capture my imagination in a feeling that can touch people.

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Underwater Dream

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Art code: 977 217
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