Beautiful deer

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The roe deer has a white rump that is especially noticeable because roe deer do not have a tail. The white spot is called "the mirror. This spot in summer a little more indistinct in males and in winter sometimes a little yellow in female deer. Furthermore, roe deer are slenderly built, stand high on their legs and are between 95 and 140 centimeters tall and have a jet-black nose. The discoloration around the nose somewhat resembles a mustache, especially in fawn, this "mustache" is clearly visible.

A fawn can also be recognized by the white spots that appear in straight lines on its coat. Fawn lie alone most of the day in a hidden spot on the ground. Do you find a lonely fawn? Then leave it alone, as the mother returns 6 to 10 times a day to suckle the calf. In older calves, this is even only 2 or 3 times a day.

Only male roe deer have small antlers with 3 to 6 branches. In winter, the antlers are covered with a layer of velvety skin that is sanded off in spring. The antlers fall off in winter and grow up to 25 centimeters long.

Deer have a rutting season, during which they look for a mating partner. This period falls in July and August, which is slightly earlier in the year than for other cervids in the Netherlands.
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Beautiful deer

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Art code: 1 047 064
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