Snowdrops on the first days of spring

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Arja Schrijver Fotografie about Snowdrops on the first days of spring

Pure snowdrops that are opening up in the first warm spring days. I always find snowdrops a great subject to photograph. Truly a symbol of the transition from winter to spring. They are white as the snow, but at the same time a real sign that spring is coming again.

What I did not know is that snowdrops are not white at all. They are actually transparent and we think we only see white. There are air bubbles between the leaf cells that ensure that all the light that falls on it is reflected in all directions. When that happens and all the light is reflected on an object, we as human beings perceive the color white.

White or not, in my photo I wanted to give a spring feeling through the warm and green color. This way it becomes a colorful image despite the "colorless" snowdrops
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This artworks is offered by Arja Schrijver Fotografie

I enjoy taking pictures of nature, from colorful flowers to the vast landscapes of Scotland and Norway. Photos of European cities can also be found in my shop. Whatever photos they are, I create them with the idea that they really add atmosphere to your home or workplace.

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Snowdrops on the first days of spring

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Art code: 152 072
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