Winter deception

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Arja Schrijver Fotografie about Winter deception

This photo of some branches with berries was taken on a cold and dark November day. At least, that is how I remember that day when I started editing this photo. Normally in the Netherlands the temperature on November days is 6 to 7 degrees Celsius average. And the days are short, because of late sunrises and early sunsets.

But later I found out that I took this photo on the warmest November 17 to be measured in the Netherlands at the time. The temperature in De Bilt (which is the place where the Meteorological Institute measures) rose to 15,6 degrees. Apparently November had been very warm, the highest temperature that month was 18,5 degrees.

So my wintery interpretation of the photo is the complete opposite of how it actually was that day and month. With global warming taking place I wonder what kind of photo I will be taking in ten years. Will it be a wintery or maybe even a summery photo on November 17 2025?
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I enjoy taking pictures of nature, from colorful flowers to the vast landscapes of Scotland and Norway. Photos of European cities can also be found in my shop. Whatever photos they are, I create them with the idea that they really add atmosphere to your home or workplace.

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Winter deception

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Art code: 195 324
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