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Artist from Breda, Netherlands
ART Eva Maria

ART Eva Maria is a specialist in personal art. Eva van den Hamsvoort graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Breda in 1993, she has been working as an artist ever since.
“My work consists of portraits, group portraits, landscapes, still lifes and abstract work. For the artworks I use different techniques: paint, pencil, photography and mixed media. Quiet, loose, but sometimes also tighter and more graphic. I want to capture a memory in the picture. That can be a reminder of a place I visited, a face, a symbol or a feeling. I like to work with different layers with which I build an image, so it is lived through and artistic. The aim is to create an aesthetic image that enters people in a pleasant, sometimes stimulating way. I make the artwork from myself, but is intended for someone else. The interesting thing is that you never know in advance where and to whom it ends up. Art is for everyone and gives something to think about and to have fun with. For work on the wall I made this special selection. I also work on assignment, especially portraits. I unravel a face to rebuild it so that the dynamics of the soul, the essence, become visible. Every time I deliver a portrait and the people are moved, I know that I have touched the essence. I hope you can find a work in my shop to transform a special space by a work of art from my hand. Enjoy watching!”