Martijn Schrijver Aalten, Netherlands

Inspired by nature, Martijn creates surreal digital artworks. He expresses his imagination with Photoshop, passionately and skillfully incorporating animals into landscapes and other surroundings. Despite their realistic appearance, Martijn’s images are surreal, as he often adds supernatural and humorous features.

Tangible daydreams

I can get very excited about an idea. When the enthusiasm surges through my body, I have no choice but to give in to it and transform a concept into a tangible creation. No matter how difficult or time-consuming.

Step into my world

I’ve always had an intense desire to create, and I greatly enjoy the favourable responses of people from all regions and ages. In addition, I have noticed that people seem to copy my way of thinking: once they see animals in random shapes and objects, there is no turning back. I’d like to convey this positive energy to as many people as possible.