Wijbe Visser Almere-Buiten, Netherlands

In my spare time I am a photographer who love to pull out in the Netherlands and abroad to take pictures. Naturally or towns Regularly my best photos will appear on my site, https://www.wijbevisser.nl. These photos are of low resolution and have a watermark, therefore less suitable for a "large" print. For a large picture on the wall, you need a high resolution, choose a photo on the page https://www.wijbevisser.werkaandemuur.nl. If you have any questions email me. You want to stay up to date on what is posted on my site or in my shop will follow me on https://www.facebook.com / wijbe.visser. Thanks and let's hear from you through a message on my site, at the bottom of each page or via https://www.twitter.com/ @ Wijbe.