Marianne van der Zee Vessem, Netherlands

Who am I, a small intro:

Once started as an architecture photographer with Robert Oerlemans as my photography docent at the art academy in The Hague.
Later followed by a 4-year art study "visual" at the UCK in Utrecht and a screen printing course at the CKE in Eindhoven.

Although I still photograph mostly architecture as free work, I find working in and with other disciplines also challenging.
For example by making collages, photographing in the atmosphere of the 17th century or combining drawing and photography with
Photoshop. Creating an "own image" through cropping of photos or combinations of techniques / materials / collages is also something I like to do.

For architecture photography my preference goes out to modern architecture, preferably photographed in black and white which, in my experience,
the lines are seen better.