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Jan van der Knaap about Galerina

Two tiny Galerinas in the darkness of the forest. These two mushrooms emerged from the same mycelium (fungal network) and are related here. The small Galerina is also pressed against the trunk of the larger one and seems to hug or hold the trunk a bit.
Mushrooms are not plants. They form a group of their own. You can't pick them either, after which they come back. They don't. Mushrooms are an outgrowth of the fungal network under the ground or in the stems on which they stand. Galerinas are not edible.
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Hi there! Nice seeing you here! I'm Jan vd Knaap, a photographer in Utrecht. I normally deal with portrait photography, for humans and animals, and I give workshops to get the most out of the camera. But in the meantime, I fill my account here with photos that I like. That can actually be anything, ranging from seasonal photos to macro photography, or abstract to landscapes and locations. The Netherlands is a beautiful country and beautiful photos can be found everywhere. Whether in my hometown of Utrecht, Amsterdam, Purmerend, Hoorn or Leiden, I always have my camera with me and I always come home with new work. So in practice I work throughout the Netherlands. Take a look in my portfolio for beautiful work on your wall, and also visit my website at! With kind regards, Jan vd Knaap, Utrecht

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Art code: 1 046 009
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