Raindrops on window

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Coby Koops natuurkieker.nl about Raindrops on window

I have a workspace at home overlooking a feeding table in the garden. When it's raining and the raindrops are hitting the window, I always take a picture of the drops on the window. The background is formed by the colours of the plants and pots at the feeding site. In this way, a rainy day always produces something colourful.
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This artworks is offered by Coby Koops natuurkieker.nl

I am Coby Koops, naturephotographer, born and raised in Drenthe, the Netherlands, and that's where I make most of my pictures. My slogan is "where looking becomes seeing". If you can do that, you can be surprised about things which you might have overlooked before and you will experience that even the seemingly ordinary turns out to be extraordinary.

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Raindrops on window

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Art code: 821 239
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