Rugged coast under a warm Spanish winter sun

by Sabrina Doornekamp

- Art code: 1 124 636

Sabrina Doornekamp about Rugged coast under a warm Spanish winter sun

This work captures a warm winter afternoon in Bañaderos in Gran Canaria, the photo I took as inspiration for this work was taken on 25 December 2022.

In the work, I tried to capture the pleasant warmth that is not overwhelming at this time of year. In the distance, you can see the mountains veiled in the mists of the sea. The sea is rougher than usual, the waves making a lot of foam, revealing different shades of blue. A few houses can be seen on the left in front of the mountains, but because the sun is already setting, only the contrasts are visible.

I tried to capture the calm that a rough sea can bring, accepting the uncontrollable, enjoying it. Combined with the pleasant warmth the sun brings, this work is meant to radiate relaxation and warmth. This is a digital work made with digital oil paint on a single canvas in Procreate on the iPad. I work with a single canvas to mimic the effect of painting on canvas. The colours I use then react most naturally to each other this way.

There is a place for every interior. This work suits people who love the sea, the coast. People who see and accept beauty in turbulence. People who love the sun and warmth.
You will find Rugged coast under a warm Spanish winter sun in the collections Bay, Beauty, Coast, Digital art, Gran Canaria, Happiness, Love, Marine blue, Oceans and seas, Paintings, Panorama photography, Recreation and Spain.
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This artworks is offered by Sabrina Doornekamp

As a designer of software, I sometimes long to create freely, which is why I started making digital art. I find inspiration in nature, in light and am always looking for a specific atmosphere to capture.

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Rugged coast under a warm Spanish winter sun by Sabrina Doornekamp

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Art code: 1 124 636
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