Renske haar atelier en kunstwerk

The abstract and colourful world of Renske

Renske quit her job in the Netherlands to go all out for art in Bonaire. A big step that gives her a lot of creative freedom. The summer feeling shines through in the works she creates. The female portraits, landscapes and cacti are mixed media and the colours in particular stand out. We talk to her about how she got to this point.

Off to Bonaire

Ever since she was a child, Renske has always been drawing, so it is not surprising that she went for industrial design studies, as it connected well with her passion for drawing. After completing her studies, she went to Bonaire, where she really started creating paintings. Renske: ‘What I made then was very popular and it sold well. I decided to go back to the Netherlands to learn more about materials and art history at the Art Academy of Friesland.’ She then worked in the Netherlands for a while and decided that this was not what she wanted. So, she quit her job and went to Bonaire to pursue art fully.

Cutting and pasting

When we ask her where she gets her inspiration, she says: ‘actually mostly from magazines. I used to make collages. Then I would grab scissors and paint and make a new collection. I could get lost in pictures of travelogues and interiors. And actually, I still enjoy making them.’

Every painting is a new adventure

Looking at Renske's works, we see many different textures. ‘That's right,’ Renske explains. ‘The portraits I make are mixed media works on paper. Actually, they are collages, because usually a magazine page is my starting point. I paint over the image and then I see what remains of the original photo. Usually something cheerful emerges, a bit bohemian.’ Renske is happy with the result if it is a delightful whole, there are exciting things to see in the work and if the colours appeal to her. If not? Then she starts again.

Her favourite work

When asked what her favourite work is, she does not have to think very long: ‘That is Ancient Wisdom. I had taken magazines with me to the campsite and couldn't resist creating something. At home, I did finish and fine-tune it. I also used books about ancient treasures with it, making it an interesting collage’.

Stylist Lianne: ‘Have Renske's works printed on HD Metal (steel). HD Metal is a real eye-catcher in a modern interior. This material stands for tough, sturdy and sleek.’

Curious to see all the works? Check out all the works by Renske Herder here!

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