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Artist from Achern, Germany
Beate Weigel

Studied painting and graphics at the IBKK Bochum. Landscape painter.
Landscapes in documentary reproduction or in forms of alienation or abstraction, this in the play with colors and compositions. Every landscape, whether completely original or changed by human hand, has something charming and special. Capturing landscapes between reality and abstraction in a picture is the inspiration and ultimately the driving force.

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  1. At the Oberkirch Rench Dam

    100,- ArtFrame, 60x50 cm Choose your own size

  2. Sylt

    198,- ArtFrame, 70x55 cm Choose your own size

  3. o.d.

    171,- ArtFrame, 70x50 cm Choose your own size

  4. Northern Black Forest / Wildsee

    217,- ArtFrame, 80x60 cm Choose your own size

  5. Mountain lake VI

    166,- ArtFrame, 65x50 cm Choose your own size

  6. o.d.

    137,- ArtFrame, 60x80 cm Choose your own size

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