Angels light, Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights

by Hans Kool

- Art code: 383 868

Hans Kool about Angels light, Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights

Sometimes, just sometimes, you suddenly see something that looks like an angel floating along the sky

The Aurora or Northern Lights.
The northern lights are a mysterious, artistic and sensational natural phenomenon. It can sometimes be seen well with the naked eye and sometimes not at all. There are northern lights shows where purple and pink colours can also be seen and sometimes you see mainly bright green.
It is often a light glow or consists of moving arcs, beams or curtains of light; very rarely it is even flaming. Sometimes on the northern horizon there is an arc from which light rays shoot up like searchlights. From our sun, electrically charged particles are continuously hurled into space, called the solar wind. This happens at an average speed of 400km/sec, but can vary between 250 and 2,500km/sec. A small part of these particles will reach our earth after a journey of about 150 million kilometres.
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Hey! Welcome to my shop at Werken aan de Muur . Due to my travels in Europe, I sometimes have the opportunity to create beautiful images. Dedigital Photography brings more creative possibilities such as panorama photography and increasing the dynamic range of a photo. I use the so-called Digital Darkroom to show the world how I think it should look and how I often experience the world. Software allows the dynamic range to be increased to show the beauty of the world around us. My passion for photography goes back to when I was young, I saved up for many months for my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic box, when I was 10 years old. After seeing the first results, I knew: this is it! Many cameras have passed the revue since that first one, the darkroom has given way to fast computers and although the camera I use now is much more advanced than that first little camera with its little red pushbutton, I realise that the technology is much less important than our eyes. Looking at a scene and knowing what and how you want to show it, that is what matters most. I also apply the art of omission in my work, so humans often have to pay the price and are not allowed in the images. Often, I also succeed in making the world just a little bit more beautiful than the sometimes so hard and ugly reality. I hope you like my work... If you have any questions, you can always contact me! Hans P. Kool

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Angels light, Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights by Hans Kool

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Art code: 383 868
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