Autumn on a cake

by Saskia Schepers

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Saskia Schepers about Autumn on a cake

Stew pears, blackberries, cinnamon. Everything to get into the autumn mood. Here, the flavours are combined in a true autumn cake, made of meringue foam. The autumn cake sits on the table in the late afternoon light, which can give such a soft glow. The autumn flowers highlight the warm hues that this time of year can offer in such abundance.
This mood picture will look great on the wall of a kitchen, restaurant or café.
You will find Autumn on a cake in the collections Autumn, Birthday, Cafés / Restaurants, Confectionery, cake and dessert, Fine Art (album), Food, Indian Summer, Light, Meringue, Photography, Still life, food photography and kitchen.
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This artworks is offered by Saskia Schepers

Just as the writer works multiple storylines into his novel, the composer composes a symphony with different instruments and a painter fills his blank canvas stroke by stroke, I too work on my food photographs: layer by layer, the image is composed until the perfect balance between reality, design and atmosphere emerges. Every element in the image is a decision and contributes to the story the photo wants to tell or the atmosphere the scene exudes.
For my photographs, I like to use natural light, especially light falling in through cracks and holes. With that incidence of light and shadow, I try to enhance the character of my images.
A food photo requires several disciplines: a chef, art director, food stylist and photographer work together to create an overall image. As a culinary editor and chef, I write and cook my own recipes. I also take care of the styling and do the photography. Because I control the entire process, I can put together the mood image I envision without compromise.

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Autumn on a cake by Saskia Schepers

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Art code: 1 087 351
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