Honey, you're almost there

by heike bluthardt

- Art code: 1 108 373

heike bluthardt about Honey, you're almost there

- you're almost there - Almost.... When are you where you think you want to be? I've been to so many 'places' and still I thought: I'm nowhere near there. And every time I look back I think, wow, so I was there! Why didn't I see that? And now I think: I am exactly where I need to be. Freedom, courage, decisiveness, humour, a little fluttering, moving forward with big steps, then you get where you want to be.
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Stories. I found them immensely fascinating as a child. For hours, I could listen to my grandmother full of stories. Or to that lady at the library who read stories by a different writer every Wednesday. And read them myself, preferably late into the night because I wanted to know how the story continued. I could immerse myself in that world that arose before my inner eye and I still can. Once I chose to study graphic design, the penny really dropped. I could see the stories! When I dive into a story and get to the bottom of it, images arise naturally in my head. Images that go along with the story and give it a face in the form of my collages.

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Honey, you're almost there by heike bluthardt

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Art code: 1 108 373
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