Inktpot Utrecht

by Sander Peters

- Art code: 352 176

Sander Peters about Inktpot Utrecht

The Inkwell is the largest brick building in the Netherlands, designed by G.W. van Heukelom commissioned by NV Nederlandsche Spoorwegen. It is located at the Moreelsepark in Utrecht and is used as the head office of ProRail.
On the roof of De Inktpot, an "UFO" with a diameter of 12 meters, a remnant of the Utrecht art manifestation Panorama 2000, stands proudly over the edge.
You will find Inktpot Utrecht in the collections Architecture, Golden hour, Photography, Skyline, Sun, Sunrise, Towns, Utrecht, Utrecht (province) and Winter.
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This artworks is offered by Sander Peters

Since a few years I have become more and more active with photography. In the analogue era I already walked around with an SLR camera, but that was only used to take pictures during the holidays. When digital photography was on the rise I started with a Nikon Coolpix 5200. No longer taking away the hassle with full rolls and waiting, but complete freedom to photograph what I wanted. Photography has made me so enthusiastic that I went for an SLR camera again in 2007, but now a digital version, the Nikon D40. In the meantime I shoot with a Nikon D800. A camera that I love to go out with.

These beautiful experiences led to start with Sander Peters Photography. I hope to capture many more beautiful moments! Early 2012 I was able to combine two of my hobbies: photography and music. I started working as a photographer at discotheque Brothers Festival Dome. In one year I was able to learn a lot here and I had a lot of nice people in front of the camera. This has led to several assignments that I enjoy a lot. Also I'm working for We Are The Night from the beginning of 2013 so I can shoot all year round in different discotheques and at festivals.

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Inktpot Utrecht by Sander Peters

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Art code: 352 176
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