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A group is a collection of two or more hens that interact with each other. This may be because they identify with each other or because they have a common goal. Often there will be a social identity, consciousness of a bird to belong to a particular group and by others to be treated as such. That group has a (desired) self-image and is referred to by others as a unique differentiated
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My name is Ans de Bie. I've been been active as a visual artist for years. I have enjoyed my training at the Art Academy in Den Bosch and that I have supplemented by following specific, some more specialist courses here and there. I work on paper and canvas, with acrylic paint, collage, watercolor, pen and pencil, often in combination. I make very diverse work; from cheerful children's room art to pop art and abstract art.For several years I'm working with digital photography, derived from the photography of my paintings. I started with photography in the analog era. Self developing and printing in my dark room. Currently I combine especially photography with art. In my collages I also use pictures that I made myself and edited with photo shop. The most compelling topic for me is man. Everything that has to do with photographing and painting of people I find interesting; crowd portraits, groups, etc.

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KEEP QUIET by Ans de Bie

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Art code: 57 724
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