Lucasbolwerk in Utrecht

by Donker Utrecht

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Donker Utrecht about Lucasbolwerk in Utrecht

Lucasbolwerk in Utrecht.This photo was taken at dusk on 15 November 2017.Dark Utrecht. That's the name of my series of photos of Utrecht places after sunset. Most Dark Utrecht photos were shot at dusk. See the entire Dark Utrecht collection at
You will find Lucasbolwerk in Utrecht in the collections Architecture, Evening, Lucasbolwerk, Merijn van der Vliet, Night photography, Photography and Utrecht.
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Dark Utrecht exists 9 years! Because it's my birthday, I give a 20% discount from Friday 31 January to Tuesday 4 February. This discount has already been implemented.

Dark Utrecht. That's the name of my still growing series of photos of Utrecht places after sunset. Most of the Dark Utrecht pictures I take in the evening twilight. In the 'blue quarter' to be more precise. After sunset the sky quickly turns an intense dark blue and at some point a perfect balance is created between sky light on the one hand and street and building lighting on the other hand.

Characteristic for my style is the balance in the often tranquil image, the rich, intense colours and the absence of chaos.

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Lucasbolwerk in Utrecht by Donker Utrecht

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Art code: 346 269
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