Praying the Rosary

by Anouschka Hendriks

- Art code: 92 543

Anouschka Hendriks about Praying the Rosary

This is a photo from a series of 12 with the subject "religion".  I made it in Geffen (Brabant, Netherlands) at the event "Effe noar Geffe". The priest was watching _ the Guild perform along with a brother from Groningen with their backs to me. When I saw that the brother was praying the rosary _ behind his back, _ I made a close-up picture of it. _ Afterwards I converted the photo to black and white.
You will find Praying the Rosary in the collections Bead, Bidden, Black and white, Brabant, Brothers of Charity, Cassock, Geffen, Netherlands, Guild, Handen, Hands, Katholieken, Kraal, Modern, Parson, People, Photography, Religion, Religious architecture, Religious habit, Rosary, Rug, Waiting room, White and kralen.
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Let me introduce.....I am Anouschka Hendriks and live in Volkel (NL). In September 2010 I changed course completely and started the course Photography at the School of Photography in Breda and at the end of 2011 I successfully completed this course. I haven't regretted this step for a second yet! I am always busy with images. Wherever I am, I always try to take a nice picture. I really don't have a preference for a subject, especially the variety I like. I hope my works will be to your liking and in a couple of years time there will be several works everywhere and nowhere at people or companies hanging on a wall.....Every nice if you want to share a photo when a work is hanging on your wall! Anouschka Hendriks

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Praying the Rosary by Anouschka Hendriks

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Art code: 92 543
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