Rock in water

by John Been

- Art code: 327 430

John Been about Rock in water

Mossy rocks in Icelandic river
You will find Rock in water in the collections Iceland, Landscapes and Photography.
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This artworks is offered by John Been

To counterbalance his hectic daytime job, John is using his spare time to stimulate his creative side, which gives him his peace of mind. From about 10 years old, he became, partly due to his grandfather, very interested in the medium of photography. John has always been creative, including drawing and painting, but the camera and its possibilities, provided for the biggest creative force of attraction. John is a self-taught photographer who is passionate about combining the outdoors with his lifetime devotion to photography.Over the years John built up extensive in-depth photographic knowledge, among others by analyzing the work of others, like Ansel Adams, Collin Prior, Hans Strand, Peter Lik and Joe Cornish.John is interested in many types of photography, but his greatest passion lies in capturing our natural environment. Residing in Netherlands, not blessed with a ?backyard? with mountains, valleys, waterfalls and wild streams, has ensured that he has become very strong in finding the natural beauty of often small, undervalued areas, overlooked by others. His goal is to make grand landscapes out of small ones.His philosophy is to get very familiar with a location by coming back again and again. He is often asked why he keeps coming back to the same places and if he don?t get bored by doing this. But by doing that for different moments of the day in different seasons, John is being able to see the effect of the constant changing light on a landscape. This infor

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Rock in water by John Been

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Art code: 327 430
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