Waalkade Nijmgen during twilight

by Jeroen Kleiberg

- Art code: 764 764

Jeroen Kleiberg about Waalkade Nijmgen during twilight

The image captures the stunning riverfront of Nijmegen during the blue hour. The Waalkade, a promenade along the River Waal, is the focal point of the image. The blue hour light casts a magical and serene atmosphere over the scene, illuminating the city's historical architecture and unique cultural heritage. The Waalkade offers the best view of the city, and the photograph captures the irresistible vibe of Nijmegen, with its huge student population, numerous events and festivals, unique hotspots and ever-growing number of lively lunchrooms. Nijmegen is the Netherlands' oldest city and the image is an invitation to discover its rich history and culture. The photograph also captures the serene beauty of the river Waal, making it a perfect representation of the beauty of the city during the blue hour.
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Let me take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful places in the world. My passion for the outdoors and lesser-known destinations inspire me to explore and capture stunning images. From untouched nature to bustling cityscapes, every location has its own unique beauty.

When I'm not exploring the world by bicycle, I enjoy photographing city skylines. I am the founder of https://www.bestemmingonbekend.nl where I share my travel stories. Feel free to check out my portfolio at https://www.jeroenkleiberg.com

Be inspired by the unique imagery that I captured during my travels and bring a piece of the world into your home by purchasing one of the photos I am offering here.

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Waalkade Nijmgen during twilight by Jeroen Kleiberg

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Art code: 764 764
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