Woman figure in orange

by Annemie Hiele

- Art code: 77 511

Annemie Hiele about Woman figure in orange

Photo of abstract surface reflection with in effect of rust
You will find Woman figure in orange in the collections Abstract, Blue, Bright Skies, Digital art, Female, Illustrations, Paintings, Photography, Theo-Bbert Pot, Warm glow and oanje.
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____________________________________Annemie Hiele photographs what is there and usually overlooked by others. Her photographs contain no trickery, although sometimes that is hard to believe. She points her lens and captures the images. Where she focuses her lens she makes visible beauty that is unsuspected. It is the beauty that is available to those who are unbiased and look intently. She enjoys showing others what she discovers. Whether it is the various layers in a reflection, the random splatters of something that has disintegrated, or the capriciousness in texture of materials; what comes to light in Annemie's photographs is the wonder of being totally present in seeing. Her art is to let this speak for itself in the images she shows. She thereby offers the viewer the chance to open their eyes to the fascination of the unseen.

The photos of Annemie Hiele show what is mostly passed by unseen. She just offers the spectator what is caught by the lens, without adding layers or playing other tricks. This is sometimes hard to believe. We as spectators find here a treasure of hidden beauty, a beauty that manifests for those who dare to see with a beginner's mind.Annemie loves what she sees, and the wish to share drives her. What she hopes to pass on, is mindfull presence in seeing through pictures of accidental splatters, spontaneous manifesting reflections, adventurous landscapes of textures. We are not used to what she sees. We discov

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Woman figure in orange by Annemie Hiele

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Art code: 77 511
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