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This is a print of a painting of mine. Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. I paint layer by layer, using various materials and techniques.

The colorful layering, using acrylic paint and combining different techniques and materials (mixed media) featuring my work and my own style. My interests do I like to come back in my paintings and by the form, content and merge text creates a strong visual language. A painting is only successful if I like it. I follow my own taste, watch the trends and see what gives me energy. I like to paint portraits of women. These are all hand painted. Newspaper clippings, pictures from magazines, pieces of wallpaper, letters, etc. are applied using special glue and after some drying technique, following the next layer. This layer on layer technique creates dynamism.
The lyrics on my paintings are my favorite songs or beautiful quotes of legendary people.

Do you want to make a painting? Which can! Do you have special wishes or ideas regarding topics, color, size or material, you can contact me. In consultation can I personalize each work for you.
You will find YOU in the collections Art, Beauty, Beauty salon, Bestsellers in Germany, Blue, Collage, Colourful parade, Early Dew, Female, Graffiti, Modern, Oog, Paintings, Pink, Pop art, The best of 2018, Trend (markt), Vtwonen exhibition 2016 and Wonen.
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As an autodidact I make modern and colorful paintings inspired by fashion, graffiti, street art, retro patterns, pop-art, beautiful lyrics, graphic forms and typography. Especially street art I find fascinating and to the outside walls with the most beautiful paintings, peeled off posters, graffiti, drawings, signatures and paint over paint I can look for hours and inspire me enormously. The colorful layering, use of acrylic paint and the combination of different techniques and materials (mixed media) characterize my work and my own style. I like to reflect my interests in my paintings and by combining the form, content and texts I create a strong visual language. A painting doesn't work until I like it. I follow my own taste, watch the trends and see what gives me energy. At WADM you'll find a large collection of reproductions. I also work a lot on commission. Can't you find a nice original painting for above the sofa? Would you like to have a painting made in the colours and size of your choice? Would you like a modern portrait of your (grand)child? Do you have your own ideas and favorite lyrics? Then you've come to the right place. Feel free to mail to info@janetedens.nl to discuss your wishes!

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YOU by Janet Edens

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