Zentangle Art Heart

by Anja Bulté

- Art code: 347 548

Anja Bulté about Zentangle Art Heart

Style: Zentangle (= a very popular art form, and at the same time a meditation, developed by artist/calligraphist Maria Thomas and meditation monk Rick Roberts in the United States). Technique: Zentangle Art. Please note: this technique makes pen strokes visible when enlarged. This is due to the original work. However, it is authentic and belongs very specifically to this art form. This is because Zentangle is a pen drawing made up of drawn lines, which together form patterns. By drawing each line consciously and deliberately, drawing a Zentangle increases the attention of the artist drawing it.Material original Postcard Price original €4.95 Details: commissioned work by colour possible.
The original works are postcards and these can be sent by hand to any specified address via www.art-wall.nl
You will find Zentangle Art Heart in the collections Figurative art, Love, Paintings, Pen drawings and zentangle.
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  • We had to put it together ourselves. To be honest, I was not looking forward to that. But it was super easy and the end results looks really tight. We are happy customers!
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Zentangle Art Heart by Anja Bulté

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Art code: 347 548
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