gone with the wind

by Meleah Fotografie

- Art code: 141 232

Meleah Fotografie about gone with the wind

A feather in the reed - gone with the wind.
You will find gone with the wind in the collections Ausgeglichenheit, Beauty, Bedroom, Birthday, Brown, Charme, Chill-out music, Classical, Contrast (vision), Decoration, Detail, Dining room, Emotion, Emotionen, Entspannung, Erfolg, Feather, Feder, Flowers, Freedom (disambiguation), Friendship, Garden, Geborgenheit, Gemütlichkeit, Gone with the Wind (disambiguation), Grassland, Grassy, Gray, Green, Green (disambiguation), Greeting, Gräser, Grünzeug, Idyll, Leaves of Grass, Liberty, Light, Living room, Loneliness, Love, Meadow, Meekness, Mood (psychology), Mother's Day, Mourning, Nature and weather, Nursery, Object, Old Master styles, Party, Peace, Photography, Physical intimacy, Plants, Recreation, Reed, Romanticism, Ruhe, Sadness, Schlafzimmerbild, Silence, Spirit (disambiguation), Still life, Stimmung, Sun, Tradition, Unschuldig, Vergänglichkeit, Vom Winde verweht, Wartezimmer, Wellness (alternative medicine), Wiese, Wish, Wünsche, Zen, dekorativ, draußen, einsam, entspannung pur, farbbild, filigran, florales stillleben, fragil, frei, hübsch, leicht, leuchtend grün, leuchtende Farben, malerisch, meleah, meleah fotografie, naturbeobachtung, nature photography, oase der Ruhe, romantisch, ruhig, sanft, sanftheit, schmückend, sehnsuchtsvoll, stimmungsvoll, traumhaft, windstill and zerbrechlichkeit.
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Inspiration is everywhere! During the past years I developed a huge passion for photography. Preferred motifes I do find when travelling, resting in nature, or on interaction with people. You always find a detail (insignificance, structures etc.) whilst walking through life witheyes wide open. I am terribly impatient. But if I have my camera with me, that is suddenly different: I can wait ... for the light, the shadows, THE one moment.

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gone with the wind by Meleah Fotografie

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Art code: 141 232
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