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Licence for use of Work


18 april 2023

Thank you for your purchase from Art Heroes. You are probably eager to show off what your purchase looks like on your wall. We at Art Heroes are always delighted to see how you have displayed your purchase. We love seeing your photos and videos on outlets such as social media. Feel free to tag us!

Of course, the Dutch Copyright Act already allows you quite a bit of leeway. You do not need permission from us, Art Heroes, or the Artist. For example:

  • You can take a photo or video of the space or the inside of the space where the Work is displayed, but the Work on display must not be the focus of the photo or video. The Work may be fully visible, but it should not take centre stage. For example, the photo or video should be framed in such a way that it appears small or slightly blurry and does not draw the viewer’s eye. The Work is simply a part of a bigger picture which focuses on something other than this Work. This is called “incidental inclusion”.
  • You may want to discuss the Work in a video or post a photo with a caption discussing the Work. You may want to express why you bought it during an unboxing, a review, or to show the decorative value of a Work in your home. If you clearly mention the source (Art Heroes) and the name of the Artist of the Work, and you do not depict the Work larger or longer than necessary for your discussion of it, this will be considered a citation.

We at Art Heroes understand that it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether you are complying with the rules of the Copyright Act. This is why we have made an agreement with the Artists that affords our Customers even more freedom to take and publish photos or videos of or including a Work. We therefore would like to provide you with the licence below, so you can share photos and videos of your purchases without having to worry.

Licence for use of Work

  1. In this licence, we use certain words and definitions. The meanings of these words are specified below.
    1. Art Heroes: the user of this licence and these terms and conditions. Art Heroes is part of We Make It Work B.V., registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 54387450.
    2. Artist: the natural person or legal entity that uploads images to the Art Heroes website in order to offer them for sale.
    3. Shop: the Artist’s account to which the Artist can upload Work and via which the Artist can sell their Work.
    4. Customer: the potential or actual buyer of Work.
    5. Work: an image offered for sale to Customers by Art Heroes.
    6. App: Art Heroes app, as available from various sources, including the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.
  2. When you use the App, you may snap an photo or record a video of it, such as a screenshot, even if you have not yet decided on whether or not you wish to purchase a Work.
  3. When you have purchased a Work:
    1. you may take a photo or video of the purchased Work, for example to show your purchase and/or how you have chosen to display the Work;
    2. when sharing or publishing photos or videos, you do not have to mention the name of the Artist of the Work and you are not even required to mention that you bought it from Art Heroes, although we would of course greatly appreciate it if you did;
    3. you may share photos and videos of Works as often and as long as you like. This permission does not have an end date.
    4. you may never depict a Work in such a way that third parties could print the Work themselves via a third party. This is the case, for example, when the Work is depicted in full and from the front, with little or no context or space around it.
    5. you may not change or edit a Work and show it in your photo or video or edit your photo or video to make it look like the Work has been modified;
    6. you may always share your honest opinion about the Work, the Artist and/or Art Heroes, as long as you do not harm anyone’s reputation.
  4. Art Heroes would also like to use the photos or videos in which you delightedly show off our Works, but will only do so in the following circumstances:
    1. if you post a photo or video on social media, Art Heroes will always be entitled to share it in a way that the social media channel allows, for example via share buttons.
    2. for any other use of a photo or video you take, Art Heroes will always first request your permission to use your photo or video on the Art Heroes Website, social media channels and in other Art Heroes promotional material, printed or otherwise, for an indefinite period of time.