art frame met bloemen

ArtFrame™ Manual

Just brought home a new ArtFrame? Here you'll find a selection of tutorials and videos explaining how to put together your ArtFrame.

Step 1: Lay the frame out on the ground

Lay out the parts of the frame

Place the frame parts on a table or on the ground. Pay attention to which is the front and which is the back of the frame.

You can identify the front because this is the open part of the frame. It is here where the canvas is inserted.

The back, on the other hand, is the closed side of the frame where the canvas cannot be inserted.

Step 2: Slide the corner pieces into the frames and secure them tight

Step 3: Screw the mounting brackets to the wall

Step 4: Stretch across the changeable Art Print

Step 5 (optional): Position the sound-absorbing panels in the frame

5. Installing the optional sound-absorbing panels

Place the acoustic panels with the harder side against the wall.

Stick the corners provided (with a Velcro and adhesive side) to the wall behind the sound-absorbing panels. This will ensure that the panel stays in place.

Step 6 (optional): Position the struts

Enjoy your new ArtFrame

You can now enjoy your new ArtFrame.

Switch out the print!

The great thing about an ArtFrame is that – as you've just discovered – it's really easy to position the print. This means you can easily order a new print and switch up the mood of your room in an instant.

Maybe go for a fun Christmas print at Christmas or that perfect holiday photo after your summer holiday. Or surprise somebody in your home on their birthday with a cool cake.

Tip: Keep hold of your old canvas because once you've had a go at changing it, you'll want to do it every week!