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Acoustic art

Improve acoustics, reduce echoes

Acoustics are a challenge in many homes and offices. Acoustic problems manifest themselves in annoying echoes which can all too easily impact concentration and cause annoyance. With the acoustic improving ArtFrames from Art Heroes you can help prevent these issues.

Acoustic paintings in any size, for any wall

Echoes in your house or living room are caused by the reflection of sound. Sound reflects best from hard smooth surfaces such as glass or empty walls. Acoustic problems can be tackled in different ways. For example, by changing the room’s layout or adding a rug, curtains or plants. Another option, however, is to add an ArtFrame.

  1. L'art acoustique à domicile avec Art Heroes

Choose big!

ArtFrames help by means of sound absorbing panels invisibly hidden behind the printed textile.

The paintings are available in more or less any size. A key point because the bigger the print, the more sound that can be absorbed.

As a rule of thumb, at least 25 to 50% of the surface area of a room should be covered. If the room is 80 m2 , at least 20 m2 of material is needed.

Acoustic art on customers' walls

  • Customer photo: Girl reading a letter by the window, Johannes Vermeer - ca. 1658, on canvas
  • Customer photo: Modern abstract portrait in black and orange/gold tones by Carla Van Iersel, on artframe
  • Customer photo: I Fell In Love With Fall Because of You, Frank Moth by 1x, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Temperamental by Mirjam Duizendstra, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Kingfisher sitting on curved stem near white lotus flower of Ohara Koson, as poster
  • Customer photo: Palm trees at the beach in Bali by Ellis Peeters, on canvas
  • Customer photo: Italian landscape with umbrella pines, Hendrik Voogd, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Herman Brood Sample Chart by Henk van Os, on canvas
  • Customer photo: Sea of flowers by Whale & Sons, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Chocolate Cake by Maarten Knops, on canvas
  • Customer photo: hase, Masatoshi Washimi by 1x
  • Customer photo: I Fell In Love With Fall Because of You, Frank Moth by 1x, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Modern girl with the pearl "silent reflection " Johannes Vermeer by René van den Berg, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Aerius by Jesper Krijgsman, on canvas
  • Customer photo: Hydrangea by ARTEO Paintings, on artframe
  • Customer photo: The Milkmaid - Vermeer painting, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Fine art portrait from the project: "Albino" by Carla Van Iersel
  • Customer photo: Cow by KoeBoe, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Field bouquet with tulips by Tanja Koelemij, on artframe
  • Customer photo: Prince Splash Pop Art PUR by Felix von Altersheim, on canvas
  1. L'art acoustique vu à la télévision néerlandaise avec Art Heroes

The largest collection of acoustic improving art

You can choose from our entire range when choosing a print for your acoustic ArtFrame. Choose your image and then simply choose your size whether it be a statement piece above a sofa or a full wall-filling option for the office.

The Art Heroes collection is the result of collaboration with thousands of artist. Be inspired by our bestsellers. Our stylists have also made suggestions for your living room, office and more.

"A great product: acoustic fabric with sound-absorbing panels: an eye-catcher and fantastic soundproofing all in one. More than beautifully printed."

- Review by Rob

5 reasons to choose acoustic art from Art Heroes

Tackle your acoustic problems with sound absorbent art. Not only do you address the problem of irritating echoes, but you also fill your walls with inspiration. Reasons for choosing ArtFrame:

1. Tackle your acoustic problems

Our acoustic art is specially made to tackle problems with echoes in your living room or office. No matter how big your wall is, we can supply an ArtFrame!

2. High print quality

The paintings have minuscule holes to let the sound through. If you see the ArtFrame in real life, you wouldn't even know that those holes are there! The sound is absorbed in the soundproof panels that are placed invisibly behind the ArtFrame.

3. Choice of frame to match your interior.

The sturdy aluminium frames (2,6 cm thick) are available in aluminium, black and white.

4. Largest collection of acoustic paintings.

We work with thousands of creative artists to bring you the finest wide-ranging collection. Browse through our categories and find the most beautiful photos, paintings, illustrations and more.

5. Rated as Excellent

Hundreds of customers have rated us "Excellent". Not only the quality of the art is rated highly, but also our advice and service.

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