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A conversation with Gabi Hampe

Today we're inviting you into the colourful world of artist Gabi Hampe. She's going to tell us about her life as an artist and give us a look at the creative process she uses for her modern collages.

A dive into experimentation

Her whole life long, Gabi's camera has been her trusted companion. A special holiday to Elba twenty years ago ignited that creative spark in her. Following this diving holiday into the colourful (under)water world off the coast of Elba, she wanted to create something with colours. "I still didn't know exactly what back then," confesses Gabi. A few years would go by before that spark was rekindled and her creativity took shape. "Since 2013, I've been making digital collages from my own pictures," explains the artist. "Sometimes they're brightly coloured, abstract or a bit surreal."

Digital collages

Gabi Hampe discovered her method by experimenting. "You learn by doing" is the motto for this versatile artist. She makes her colourful digital collages with the help of Photoshop Elements. Over the years, she's incorporated filters into her work process and she's now so familiar with the program that she uses other apps, such as Corel Painter, for fine-tuning. As well as working on the computer, Gabi also loves to play around with abstract acrylic painting and experiment with different materials.

Her favourite pieces

When asked to name her favourite piece, Gabi immediately names several. "In first place is 'The face in the forest', a face in our local forest during the autumn. Melancholic but also hopeful." 'Cucina Madonie represents Gabi's love for Sicily and Italy. And her final favourite is the series 'Old masters meet Digital Art' with 'Lady Maria' and 'Venetian Beauties' being particularly special to her.

Life as an artist

"I spend around two to three hours a day on my artistic work," says Gabi. Besides that, her daily life looks "very normal", "exactly what you'd expect for a freelance artist with a household and a garden to maintain." Gabi doesn't have to look outside of her creative self for inspiration. She has plenty of ideas and creativity that she expresses in her art work. But of course, she also appreciates the work of other artists, for example the works of db Waterman and Jacky really appeal to her.


Gabi Hampe first received recognition for her artistic creations on various photo forums and after taking part in various group exhibitions, notably at the gallery Popstreet.shop in Hamburg, as well as winning the "Blauer Löwe" (Blue Lion) culture price in 2021, granted by the German district of Harburg in the category of digital art. "This and my first sales on Art Heroes motivated me massively," says Gabi. 'The face in the forest', 'Remembering my time at Italy', 'Cucina Madonie', 'Walking people' and many more have become bestsellers. "I'm really proud that my pieces are so popular with customers. Customer photos too are really special to me." The artist is supported by her husband Michael. "He is my biggest critic and has to view my pieces before I post them on Art Heroes."

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