Abstract works by Maria Kitano

Maria Kitano's works are absolutely abstract, there is no doubt about that. Yet through the description accompanying her artworks, she manages to clarify the subject matter which the work represents. This makes her painting brilliant in its simplicity. She once lived in the Netherlands for a few years and speaks Dutch with a nice accent. Now Maria lives in Stockholm and has been for quite some time and she gives us a nice insight into her life.

A walk in the forest

Maria Kitano is a busy lady. ‘I get up at 04:30 every day so I have a full day ahead of me in which I can do a lot. In the morning, I work on my paintings so I can do other things in the afternoon. Usually I go for tea in the cafe, do spontaneous fun things that come to mind, but I like to take a walk in the forest.’

A source of inspiration

Nature is a great inspiration for Maria, so she often goes out armed with a camera. "There are so many colours, each of which forms a unique colour pattern. I capture these with my camera and later use them as compositions for my works.’

Maria’s favourite

‘The work ‘Symbols’ is a somewhat older work I did early in my career,’ Maria begins. ‘It is a fairly simple work and every time I see the painting it reminds me of when I started being self-employed and how far I have progressed in my work.’

She goes wild

When she paints she goes wild. ‘I never keep an eye on the time when I work, a small painting can take me a few hours, but sometimes a few weeks,’ she explains. Maria paints both free work and commissioned work, and when working on commission she finishes faster. ‘This is because I specifically work within the time frame discussed beforehand,’ she says. If you are interested in a work made especially for you by Maria, you can always send an email.

Stylist Rosanne: “Maria Kitano's works look best on canvas! It is as if you have a real Kitano hanging in your home.”

Are you curious to see more? Click here to go to Maria Kitano's shop.

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