Speulder forest cycle path

by Martijn van Steenbergen

- Art code: 314 188

Martijn van Steenbergen about Speulder forest cycle path

The Speulder- en Sprielderbos is an approximately 3,300-hectare contiguous forest area in the northwest of the Dutch region of the Veluwe, east of Putten. The area is located in the northwest of the Veluwe, east of Putten in the municipalities of Putten (Sprielderbos) and Ermelo (Speulderbos). It is part of the Natura2000 area protected by European regulations, the Veluwe. The area extends roughly between the Putten-Garderen road in the south to the village of Garderen and the Houtdorperveld, the hamlet of Speuld and the Ermelose heathland in the east and north. The size of the area is about 3,300 hectares. Of this, about 300 hectares of the Speulderbos, especially in the vicinity of the hamlet of Drie, consists of trees that seem to dance due to their whimsical shape. The Speulderbos is therefore popularly called the "forest of dancing trees".
You will find Speulder forest cycle path in the collections Autumn, Bike path, Forest, Indian Summer, Landscapes, Modern, National Park Hoge Veluwe, Natura 2000, Photography, Speulder and Sprielderbos, Sun, Sunrise and The Netherlands.
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Speulder forest cycle path by Martijn van Steenbergen

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Art code: 314 188
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