Where East meets West III

by Affect Fotografie

- Art code: 884 504

Affect Fotografie about Where East meets West III

Old masters from the East and the West brought together in one work.
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You will find Where East meets West III in the collections 19th century, Blossom, Collage, Fruit, Japan, Japandi, Nouveau Riche, Old masters, Paintings, Photography, Vintage living style, Vintage (algemeen) and nieuwe meester.
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Real encounters with people all over the world have attracted me from childhood. Traveling uninhibitedly unknown countries and continents and making contact with their residents. Those contacts with people in other parts of the world have taught me that the basic emotions of all people are the same. Unknown makes unloved? No, unknown makes me 'curious' about 'that other', the unknown. Establishing contact with people whose language I often do not speak has led to beautiful photos in which mutual respect is expressed and where barriers are eliminated by that contact. You will find some selected photos from my large collection on this site.

In my opinion, open, interpersonal contact is always possible, no matter how different the circumstances of those unknown people and their culture may be. My travels have also led to a special project: the collection of discarded glasses in the Netherlands and other Western countries and the distribution thereof to people in other places in the world who, due to circumstances, cannot get their glasses.
Just Google for 'brillen voor zanskar' and you will see how something as simple as that project brings people together.

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Where East meets West III by Affect Fotografie

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Art code: 884 504
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