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Corrine Ponsen's beautiful, timeless images

Travel, nature, animal, wedding and culinary photography: Corrine Ponsen does it all. Having worn out twelve cameras, Corrine has plenty of experience in her field. Today, she's offering us a peek into her world of photography.

Corrine Ponsen

Since 2005, Corrine Ponsen has been working full-time as a professional photographer. She takes on assignments in wedding photography, culinary photography, corporate photography and interior photography. Alongside her passion for photography, she also shares her knowledge with other people by giving lessons about the use of flash in both product and culinary photography. Beyond photography, Corrine also loves gardening and travelling. "But I'm also addicted to shoes and chocolate."

Creating her own way of working

"I was obsessed with nature as a kid. Later I began to photograph animals in the wild," explains Corrine. By doing this, she developed a passion for photography and decided she wanted to do more of it. "By taking courses and workshops, I got better and better, and created my own way of working." Corrine acquired lots of experience, expanded her knowledge and regularly took photos during her travels. In 2005, she decided to turn her passion into her profession. Since then, she's gone on to win lots of photography awards and she still enjoys both her commercial and personal photography projects.

From sketches to artwork

"I get inspiration from music and films, for example, but also from the natural light that dances across the leaves of a fern," says Corrine. She has a preference for sparkly colours and lots of contrast, which is clearly reflected in her images. Corrine often begins her work process by making a sketch. She then goes to various shops to find the right products with the right colours and combines these together. "So for example, I buy different herbs and spices in a range of colours and mix things up. But sometimes images also come about spontaneously." Corrine focuses on using the right light, colours and compositions. "I keep going until I'm satisfied. During the editing process, the colours become a little more saturated, making it a proper work of art."

Beautiful, timeless images

When we ask Corrine what her favourite piece is, she finds it hard to answer. Corrine says: "Since my pieces vary so much in terms of topic, I can't name a favourite image. Some images were taken on my travels, others were taken specially for Art Heroes." When making each photo, Corrine thinks carefully about who her potential clients are. "For Art Heroes, I create images that I personally think are beautiful and timeless. That's how I came up with the idea of photographing wooden spoons with herbs and tea on them in various ways."

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