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TW living's digital artworks

With around 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, Christian Terweh is a seasoned professional. He started using the name TW living at the end of 2022, an abbreviation of his surname TerWeh. He likes combining interior design with digitally made artwork. Let's take a deeper look at the story behind his work.

How it all began

Christian took a design course in Germany. 17 years ago, he started working in the Netherlands and he's now been working as a toy product designer and illustrator of German children's books for 15 years. Christian explains that he's been drawing and painting since he was a kid. "After school, I'd sit for hours making illustrations at the kitchen table. When I have an idea, I want to develop it into something beautiful. Now I'm involved with creative things all day long. Fortunately, I can still find enough creativity outside of work to give my ideas a visual form." The best thing about combining art with interiors is that you can give a room a completely new look with just a few adjustments.

As well as making digital art, Christian is also interested in painting, music, architecture and, of course, interior design.

Defining the look

Christian creates his artworks digitally. "It's the perfect way to keep my work area clean," he laughs. But another advantage that he names is that he can easily respond to new interior trends. "My favourite thing is to create art pieces that match a modern interior, taking into account colours, details and composition. Art can radiate tranquillity, but it can also convey a powerful message. I enjoy making both types and I like playing with textures and colours.

Something for everyone

Christian takes a lot of inspiration from the latest colour trends and incorporates these into his artworks. In his pieces you'll often find light and beige tones combined with black. Chris says: "Lately, I've been working a lot with textures such as linen. This gives the artwork more ambience. But there are also colourful paintings in my collection. There's something for everyone," Christian explains.

Looking forward to see more artworks by TW Living? Click here to go to the shop.

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