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Digital daydreams by Jesper Krijgsman

Jesper Krijgsman fuses reality and fantasy with his photography, skills as an image editor and indestructible patience. His artworks are composed of a constellation of individual photographs that create a sense of natural beauty and magic. Jesper puts together his photographed elements, remixed to a paradise of perfection, so vivid that you feel drawn to step into his wondrous worlds.

Nature is powerful and mysterious

Jesper Krijgsman was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to Switzerland about 10 years ago. In 2020, he quit his job as a graphic designer at an advertising agency to embark on a new adventure. "Since I started immersing myself in the wonders of the natural world and trying to work with it, I have changed as a person. I now experience more peace in my life and on a daily basis I see plants or animals that inspire me. My goal is to show people that nature can be very powerful and mysterious. A living entity made up of thousands of parts.”

Compositions woven together from radiant beauty

Jesper lives in Zurich and is gaining recognition for his digitally composed panoramas of natural richness, which he creates by taking photographs of plants, animals and other organic material. After first isolating and cutting out elements from his photographs, Jesper then weaves them together into intricate compositions of radiant beauty.

Plants, flowers and leaves

Jesper is often looking for new material to use. ‘When I am on holiday I photograph special plants, flowers and leaves and sometimes I even take something with me so I can photograph it at home. At home I have a little more control over the lighting, composition and perspective.’ After photographing these objects, he uses Photoshop to cut it out very accurately and realistically. ‘This is the ideal time to study the shape and colour.’ says Jesper. He adds each cut-out element to his image bank from where he can easily place them in his new artworks.

An organic process

A piece of work by Jesper often starts with an emotion, vision or dream. He never plans it out completely. ‘No, on the contrary. While creating a composition, I try to let go of my thoughts and think as little as possible about the placement of my objects. It is an instinctive and organic process, in which each element dictates its own fate.’ From one simple starting point - an image, a colour, an emotion - he follows a meticulous process. Then he adjusts the colours a little more and, with some polishing and some love, something great slowly begins to emerge. ‘Photographing and editing everything myself makes it feel like something very personal. I have found that through my work my connection with nature has become stronger.’

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Stylist Lianne: ‘His detailed works ensure that you don’t want to look away for even a second. Colourful and timelessly classic.’

Curious to see more? Click here to go to Jesper Krijgsman's shop.

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