Interview Gena

From Russia with love with Gena

Every day, Gena paints a new piece with a modern or abstract style and by now he's made quite a few. Colourful, abstract and mesmerising is how we'd describe his style. We're fascinated to learn more about the creative behind these pieces, so we made a special trip to his studio in Hengelo, the Netherlands, to hear his story.

About Gena

After secondary school, Gena spent four years being privately educated in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where he learnt the artistic tricks of the trade. "I was five, I think," starts Gena. His voice reveals a Russian accent, but above all the passion he feels for his profession. "Yes, five years old when I first noticed that I really loved to paint. Even now I still really love to do it and it's what I do seven days a week. So, it's non-stop: every day I'm in the mood to paint and I enjoy doing it."

Inspiration and favourite piece

Amazingly, he finds inspiration everywhere. He looks to buildings, people and nature, for example. "And every night, when I go to sleep and close my eyes, I see a new painting. Then I go and paint it the next day." When we ask him what his favourite piece is, he gives a surprising answer. "I don't have a particular opinion or favourite. I let people decide for themselves when it comes to my art. Each person sees something different in the same painting. What I love is that people pick my artworks to fit their own stories. Something that works for their situation, and that makes me feel good. "When I'm painting, I forget all about that; I can get completely lost in it. That's why I really enjoy being alone when I'm painting. Because if there's someone there, it usually doesn't work out."

Stylist Annet about Gena Theheartofart's work: "Since Gena paints with big splotches of paint, it's fun to go for canvas. This way you stay closer to the original painting and, since our canvas is such good quality, the splotches of paint almost look real."

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