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In conversation with Dorothy Berry-Lound

Dorothy Berry-Lound was born in the south of England and now lives halfway up a mountain in Umbria, Italy. She works out of her studio, from where she has a magnificent view over the Italian countryside. Dorothy is both an artist and a blogger and she specialises in photographic art and acrylic paint. She creates art that makes her heart sing, captures the soul of towns and villages, and makes pieces that can enhance the energy in your home or workspace.

Sketching, painting and poetry

At school, Dorothy had a really enthusiastic art teacher who lit a spark of creativity within her! She'd always sketched, painted and written poetry, but as she got older, Dorothy began to take photos. "It began as a hobby because I had a full-time job, and slowly but surely it became more and more. At the side of my house, where I live in Central Italy, I had an art studio built, and that's given me space to bring my ideas to life. My cats – I have fifteen of them – peek through the windows while I dance." Because when Dorothy is working on her art, she listens to loud music.

Big fan of light and shadow

"My art is pretty varied, but I think there are consistent themes to it. My pictures deal with energies – at home or at work – through an intentional use of colours. I call it energy in colour. But my main style is photo art. What I try to convey is a genuine sense of being there." Dorothy is also a big fan of light and shadow and how they interact. That's why a large portion of her work is about contrasts. And she believes that there's beauty in everything. "My job is to let that beauty shine."

  1. Summer Paradise
    by Dorothy Berry-Lound

  1. Energy of Gongs
    by Dorothy Berry-Lound

  1. A Bit Up And Down
    by Dorothy Berry-Lound

Dorothy's favourite

"One of my personal favourite pieces is 'Floral Courtyard Cortona Tuscany'. It was a really hot day and I'd taken my uncle on a trip to Tuscany. A quick glance down an alley revealed this stunning scene that took my breath away! At the end of the courtyard, we discovered this great restaurant that we'd never been to before. When editing the image, I tried to capture all of these feelings."

  1. Velocity
    by Dorothy Berry-Lound

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