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In conversation with artist Melanie Viola

With her modern and dynamic art, visual artist Melanie Viola knows just how to captivate observers. We're big fans of her art and that's why we're proud to offer you a full introduction to Melanie Viola.

From hobby to full-time artist

Her artistic endeavours as a photo designer began as a hobby in 2009. She experimented to her heart's content. "It became more than a hobby when I decided to offer my motifs online," she says. Slowly but surely, she gathered more photography equipment and adapted her techniques. She was no stranger to success: winning prizes in various competitions, having an exhibition and selling her pieces all motivated her to continue. She never lost sight of her ambitious goal of one day making a living off of her creative work, until it finally came true in 2015!

Creating impressive moments

Melanie describes her style as modern and dynamic. The artist is simply guided by her subject. "I combine scenic places with colourful accents and graphic elements," she explains. This creates horizontal and vertical structures, giving the images a fast-paced dynamic. But even with classic black and white photos, the artist knows how to create impressive moments.


Melanie gets her inspiration from her daily work and what she experiences. "Looking at the world through open eyes and taking it in with all my senses, isn't something I learned until I was truly independent," confesses Melanie. She thinks it's amazing that she can create something lasting with her artworks.

Proper preparation

Proper preparation is a really important part of the creative process for artists. You need to find a good spot at your location and saying a little prayer for the perfect weather doesn't hurt either. "I was once taken by surprise when a storm hit while I was shooting in Vik, Iceland... so, rain and high winds hitting me from above and the sea up to my waist... yeah, that got a bit cold. But my gear survived!" She also always plans photo shoots at night during her travels, so she can get beautiful shots of the city. For that, she sometimes sets off as early as 3am to catch the sunrise or waits until after sunset and makes it a long night.

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