Kim's surprising style

Kim Rijntjes' art is special and takes us into a world of emotions. ‘My work is figurative, powerful and vulnerable,’ says Kim. ‘I like to experiment with various materials such as wood, fabrics and paint.’

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    by Kim Rijntjes

Kim's favourite work!

Kim's favourite work is "27". It is an unusual name for an artwork ‘Works with a title give a story to the image. I prefer not to give my works a name so that the viewer initially looks at the image blankly and will think of a story for themselves. Such a story will lead its own life, resulting in my work being interpreted differently by everyone."

‘I love experimenting with various materials such as wood, fabrics and paint.

Kim Rijntjes graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. Initially, she created huge works of art that she exhibited in various locations. But after a tough move/renovation and caring for her four lovely children, she got slightly busy. As a result, she decided to take her artistic life down a notch. ‘I did keep creating artworks though,’ she says, ‘they just became smaller in size, and instead of oil paint I now use multiple materials.’ Kim likes to experiment and finds her way around new materials quickly. We see threads on wood, but also oil paint on paper and even artworks of ladies with distinctive Zeeland headgear, simply crocheted.

Workplace and inspiration

Kim has her own home studio called MIM and this is where she creates her works. Working according to a fixed principle or in a systematic way is not really her thing. In fact, Kim's never-ending creative brain is fed by everything around her. ‘Inspirational for me are, for example, snippets of song lyrics, expressive photos and even my children's drawings.’

She is also inspired by artists such as Ans Wortel, Marlene Dumas and Egon Schiele.

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