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Panorama Streetline is a project dedicated to making beautiful, stylised photos of street fronts. We're chatting to Jörg Dietrich, who's going to tell us more about his photographs and his love for unusual perspectives on city life.

It began on a walk

Jörg: "It all began when I was walking through the area. When you look around yourself calmly and attentively, you often notice things that didn't stand out to you before. That's a great feeling!" In 2003, he walked down Petersstraße in Leipzig and first came up with the idea of capturing the impressive facades as panoramic photos. "To take panoramic photos like this, you need special technical equipment and you have to understand image composition and processing. I had to delve into that first!"

Panoramic views

We ask Jörg if he would say that these panoramic photos correspond to reality. "That's a difficult question to answer because there are arguments on both sides of the spectrum. On the one hand, no single location in the city is going to offer the same panoramic view as the one you'll see in the edited image. That can lead to distortion effects with objects in the background appearing in unnatural positions. On the other hand, we're able to view our work as realistic because it depicts streets and buildings exactly as they are in reality. We're ultimately inspired by the reality of the cities."

Merging by hand

Jörg: "I think it's cool that each image is the result of us merging by hand a bunch of photos that were taken along the street. So, it's not really an image of reality, but rather an interaction of lots of realities and perspectives. We often get feedback from people impressed by our photos, saying that we've given them a new view of their city – that's obviously a great compliment.

Plenty to photograph

Nearly 500 cities worldwide have more than a million inhabitants. Jörg is lucky because there are loads of cities and streets that inspire him. If he had to choose which inspires him the most, he'd find that hard. Cities ultimately have diverse architecture and he keeps discovering new streets that he'd like to photograph. For example, he loves the look of the Linke Wienzeile Buildings in Mariahilf, Vienna and the crooked, narrow half-timbered houses in Rouen. They've also taken atmospheric photos of the canals at night in Amsterdam's red light district and the Sprinkenhof in the Kontorhaus district of Hamburg – those are some really interesting buildings!

Future dreams

Jörg is particularly interested in London, where he used to study. He still goes there often. "I could spend my whole life photographing the architecture in London!" he says. But other cities catch his attention too. In the future, he wants to grab his camera equipment and head to Venice, Riga, Moscow, Zaragoza or even remote places like Samarkand in Uzbekistan or Sana'a in Yemen. We're fascinated to see what impressive panoramic photos he'll take on his travels!

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