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The expressionist art of Ana Rut Bre

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Ana Rut Bré's art is distinctive with its organic shapes and bold colours. She is a professional graphic designer and she lives in western Germany. Ana graduated with a qualification in communication design and illustration, and then proceeded to study liberal arts. These days, she works in her own studio as a designer and artist. In her art, she combines both analogue and digital media in a creative and colourful way.

Ana's introduction to the world of art

In response to us asking when she became interested in art, she answers: "My passion for art began right back in my childhood. As a young girl, my father walked me around the flat and showed me each piece of art. They were mostly expressionist paintings and he told me the most beautiful stories about them. I think that this lit a fire in me because since then I've always been fascinated with art. Later, I noticed that I also have a photographic memory and I need to express myself visually."

"My style in three words: abstract, formalistic and expressionist."

The steps Ana took to become an artist

After her studies, Ana worked at an advertising agency. "Amongst other things, I was responsible for design over there and I created paintings for exhibition stands. Later I transferred over to digital media and created wall wraps for trade fairs. This means I’ve become skilled at working with large formats and high resolutions, as well as gaining expertise in printing. What's more, I teach painting courses to adults and children at an adult education centre," she says.

Ana's favourite piece:

Ana's favourite piece is "Impression of a late autumn walk". Ana says: "It reminds me of the colourful leaves lying on the ground. The warm colours make me think of the dark months of the year, when it's all cosy inside and there's a lovely cup of tea waiting for you. The photo also exudes tranquillity, which is exactly how you feel after an autumn walk." A fun fact is that this piece was the start of a larger series with different circle segments and shapes in these warm yellow shades contrasted with blue.

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