The world of RAR Kramer

Based in Zuidhorn, The Netherlands, RAR Kramer (or Reny when she goes by her first name) has been creating from an early age. She was so creative back when she was a kid that she made drawings, paintings and even clothes for her dolls and for herself. "I wanted to make the world more beautiful with my creations," she explains. Little girls grow up and Reny is no exception, but she didn't lose her creativity. Fortunately for us.

About Reny

It didn't take Reny long to decide what she wanted to study. Anybody who customises their own clothes is obviously going to be drawn towards Fashion Design. She studied at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, the Netherlands. Once she had a degree firmly in the bag, she was ready to take on the big, wide world. But fate had other things in store for her; she became an artist and she now sells her work on Art Heroes under the name RAR Kramer.

A day with Reny

With music playing in the background, Reny starts the day in her own home studio. She spends three days a week painting, and the rest of the days making sculptures with more or less the same style. Reny works in a structured way; she makes a plan from portraits and model sketches and then she starts to paint. "It’s mostly intuitive," begins Reny. "At the start, I never know exactly how it will end up looking. Sometimes it takes days and sometimes even weeks before I see how the painting is going to turn out. I have to become one with it, so to speak. I work until I'm completely satisfied and then I send it out into the world."

About the paintings

Reny's abstract landscapes invite us into her world. Her paintings could almost be called poetic with their familiar feel and layering. Obviously, Reny applies the same high standards to her landscapes as she does to her portraits. "It's like I have to be able to step into the painting. Into the abyss. Then it comes to life and you can discover everything inside it and dream away happily," she explains enthusiastically.


Two of her pieces have even hung in museums! Her piece Little Red Flower has hung in the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and The Other Side has hung in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, the Netherlands, alongside a piece by Piet Mondriaan. "I'm really proud of that," says Reny.

Stylist Lianne about the photos of RAR Kramer:
"The paintings of RAR Kramer can be wonderfully combined with each other because they match in terms of color and style."

Curious to see more works by Rar Kramer? Check out her shop here.

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