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A profound passion for photography with Jasper van de Gein Photography

Jasper van de Gein's passion for photography stems from his love for the city and its surroundings. "For me the challenge is to capture it all as beautifully as possible from a perspective that appeals to me," he explains. Today we're getting to know Jasper and his photography skills.

About Jasper

Jasper works as a coordinator and coach with a team of police camera specialists. There he works with people who have autism, who have a sharp eye for detail and can stay focussed for hours. But his work and photography aren't the only things that keep Jasper busy in his daily life. "I also like making music; I play the conga. In addition, I'm also learning Italian," he says.

Passion for the craft

Jasper's passion for photography didn't just start because of his interest in the craft, but also because of his love for his city, 's-Hertogenbosch. He began by taking photos all the time in beautiful holiday destinations. After racking up an impressive collection of photos, he slowly warmed to the idea of selling them. "When I ended up on the bestsellers list with a photo of Italy, sales shot up. I've now sold nearly 100 copies of that one photo!"

Well thought-out pictures

Jasper's work process starts with him really thinking through how to prepare to take the perfect photo. Before he starts taking photos, he first thinks about what customers want to see and how he can best capture the mood of a city in a photo. After that, he thoughtfully gets to work on the photography itself and takes the time to shoot a good range of photos. He narrows down this range to a selection and eventually chooses his best shot, which he post-processes without overdoing it. "I'm only satisfied with the image when I see that the photo is maybe even more beautiful than reality and when the mood of the photo gives me a warm feeling in my body."

The Fiat 500

Jasper says: "My favourite piece is a photo of a vintage car, the Fiat 500. The image was taken on a street in Verona, Italy." Jasper took 'Vintage Fiat 500 oldtimer in Italy' when he was on holiday in Italy with his family and had taken a day trip to Verona. As they walked down a busy main street, his attention was drawn to a beautiful, quiet little alley. Jasper immediately walked down that alley and saw a vintage Fiat 500 stood against a gorgeous backdrop. Jasper: "There were no people around to ruin the photo. I started shooting from a low vantage point, realising it was really important to capture the atmosphere of the street."

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